Saint David's Day came early to the English Class

While I was scuttling hither and yon on Wednesday our little Dutch boy (who incidentally is about 6' 3", 1m 91 at age 16) was busy working in the garden. He sorted our logs, piling them all up by the door ready to burn. He cut the grass and took the collapsed wisteria arch to the dump along with the Christmas tree and other debris (including the little pile of bay tree clippings I was saving for barbecues, but hey...) They enjoyed eating lunch in the gleaming, sparkling garden.

Well the worker is worthy of his fun, so on Thursday Harriette took the Dutch kids and our kids to the Dune de Pyla, bigger than any of the mountains in Holland.

Meanwhile I got set for the English Class which this week celebrated St David's Day with a little clip from 'The Englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain' about Welsh nicknames, a quiz that peopel did surprisingly well in, and a heated debate about minority languages. If the class got its way then Norway would abolish the teaching of Norwegian and just switch to English. Oh well !


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