Spring is here.

Well the sun us shining. It's Saturday AND school holidays.

Catrin is due to go to the cinema with a friend today, but she doesn't know at what time.

Gwilym's plans include a fair amount of sleep, I think.

They both had good experiences on, their work experience. Gwilym, as usual, came home with a very kind gift from his boss - this time a Zoom H1 digital recorder ! (He says I can borrow it.)

Somewhat sadly, the place where he did his experience is closing down in the next few weeks. (Astute readers will link the boss' generosity with the closure of the store, though Gwilym assures me that it is more to do with Virgin Megastore's plans for the top floor of their building...)

He's due to do another stage of, I think, four weeks later in the year, so he'll have to try and find somewhere else for that.


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