I hate it when somebody tries to con me

even when it's not a huge sum of money and when I catch them out.

A guy phoned, saying he came from a church in a city in Spain.

He wanted to meet up immediately. "What do you need ?", I asked. "Just to meet up immediately", he said.

So I went to meet him and left my wallet at home. I had some loose change for a coffee if necessary.

He told me his story, again citing his church and adding the pastor's name. I wrote them down.

He said he needed 40€ and he needed it now.

I said, "But I asked you what you need. I don't have my wallet with me ! I only have 2€ here."

He said "Oh well", and walked away quickly.

I went home and looked for his church and pastor. The church exists but it's not at all the name of the pastor.

The golden rule. If someone really needs money they'll let you check their story and accept a rendezvous to get the dosh.
If someone's conning you they want it now. Tomorrow is too late.


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