It was -4 in Bordeaux this morning.

Yes, I know it was colder where you are, but you're not in the South of France, are you?

Big snowflakes were falling in the middle of town as I hurtled off to the FAC flat to prepare for the evangelistic Bible study tonight. I was concerned for a while because if it snows the trams and buses can't run, and I could end up stuck in the middle of Bordeaux. I was glad when the snow stopped.

The problem is that we're not set up for it, we're not used to it, we're not insulated for it, we're not heated for it, basically we're longing for next week when the balmy weather returns and we can start having barbecues again.

Still. At least all the microbes are being exterminated.


pippinsmum said…
our garden thermometer has registered -7 - -8 overnight on some nighs this week
Martin said…
Actually I use real temperatures, not these funny foreign ones. The electronic outside thermometer above me is saying 32.0 (it has gone down in the last half hour.)
Ken said…
Bravo for Martin, a man with his feet in the proper World. (Regardless of how cold those feet must be. Mind, I note that he has an electronic thermometer which may mean that he hasn't got his feet or anything else cold at all!)
Emmanuel said…
Cold doesn't kill microbes and viruses. They lay dormant until the temperature goes u and they can multiply again.
pippinsmum said…
The thermometer sits on top of a speaker, above his desk, so no, he doesn't get his feet cold! however if I go out the back I check the garden thermometer.
Ken said…
I have to tell you that, in this weather, if I go outside, I hurry back in, nothing further from my mind than knowing precisely what the temperature is; flippin' cold is exact enough for me, so guess which of you gets my vote for 'nounce'. I just don't do cold, I start whinging when it drops below 100 (note the f degrees)in the shade - as long as it isn't humid. At the moment, no.1 son, his wife and 10 month old daughter are on their way down to France for ski-ing and snowboarding. Barmy! (Not hereditary unless on the maternal side!!) Mind I don't expect baby to do too much ski-ing. As I mentioned in an e-mail to Alan, I don't even like snow scenes on my Christmas cards, camels are much better, (although foul of disposition). However, they've left the dog behind with us! Just who has to walk him??? Answers please on the back of a postage stamp in 3" high letters, ME of course and in case no-one has noticed, it's still cold. Good job the dog's gorgeous despite the haletosis!

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