Brrrr. But we were in the warm for the Bible study

It's hard to haul yourself off through the freezing dark streets.

However for Café Philo on Wednesday we were quite a good gang, we must have been almost 20 people. The subject under discussion was conformism, a subject chosen by one of te folk who come long.

On Thursday evening for the advanced English we were four, but four of quality.

Friday lunchtime saw the believers' Bible Study group grow a little, from five last week to six this week but with a couple of absences.

No Church Councils or anything this week, so it's been much more calm and we've been able to plan the year ahead a little. We have decided to go to the Aber Conference together, Gwilym in his youth flat.

We started a new little project, too. Friday morning "surgery" at the church. I say "surgery" because it's aimed at getting to know - and be known by - the folk who pass the church every day. This week I huddled in the window soaking up the sunshine, then made a quick sortie to Aldi for coffee, saying hello to everyone on the way. This MAY turn into a market stall on the market across the road. When warmer weather comes,

The cold weather here is testing everyone's patience. We have another week of severe frosts forecast. When you think that one week ago we were trying to think where we'd store all our unburned wood. Well now we don't think we'll have quite that problem!

The water supply to the church has frozen, meaning that we have to carry water for drinks and to flush the loo. Still, around the 12th it should start to warm up, then after a few weeks -barbecue time again !

Tomorrow preaching at Anglade am (Fr) and Cenon pm (Eng).


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