Farewell friends

One of the special things about ministry in Bordeaux is the amount of coming and going, especially in the English-speaking congregation.

It means you make lots of new friends and you have LOTS of Facebook friends.

However it also means that three months after people leave you just can't remember what they looked like.

(Be aware, however, that the man who writes this is the man who once said in the street, "Have you met my wife, ..., what is your name, again, dear?"...)

Anyway all this to introduce today's farewell lunch for the Lam family. I remember going with Mr Lam to the housing office at the mairie in Pessac. I didn't hold out much hope, but two weeks later he had a flat all ready for his wife and child to join him here. He's been led a merry dance with his carte de séjour - during his three years as a PhD student he's had a card valid for 3 months, 6 months, 3 months again, etc. etc.. They're off to Germany for a year and it doesn't sound as if German administration is any more helpful.

Farewell friends. Bon courage and thanks for all you have brought to us, especially to the Chinese group.


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