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Saturday, February 18, 2012

PJB concert with TapSwing

Last night we did our first concert of 2012 at the Salle Bellegrave in Pessac in association with the TapSwing school of dance. We did a concert with them some years ago and it was wonderful to blast out our swing numbers while people threw each other round the floor.

Last night was a bit more low-key, though the Salle Bellegrave is a BIG HALL. Concerts can be frustrating experiences. There's lots of waiting around for the sound engineers, for example. But having a snack laid on helps (!) as does the chance to chat about stuff in general.

We were one singer down - no François-Marie - so Laetitia had to carry the sung items including the grand finale - As long as I'm singing, which ends with a real blast. She rose magnificently to the occasion, and the TapSwing folk were easily our most appreciative audience ever. Also we fielded five trombones and we played well.

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