Report on a chilly weekend

Saturday was a sunny but chilly day. The temperature has suddenly fallen here and we are due our first first tonight (thinks, must cover the outside taps today).

Catrin had PILES of homework to do. Apparently the kids have so much work to do at the moment that one girl caught sight of the French teacher in the corridor of the lycée and burst into tears !

So Gwilym went to the youth group on his own and had a good time cycling, wii-ing and studying Psalm 23.

Meanwhile we had a nice visit from one of the retired pastors of the UNEPREF, Maurice Raetz, who was on his way to Cadaujac to stay at the Arragouets and preach ta Cenon on Sunday morning.

Sunday found me on the road to Mérignac to visit the new church that is part of the CMA (or in French AMC). I booked a car to go which cut the journey time from and hour and a half to half an hour. So I put my card against the windscreen.
Ah - perhaps I booked it from 10 and it's not quite 10. After 10 I tried again.
So I got out Mr Smartphone and checked my reservations on the website.
The problem is that when you make a reservation you have to confirm it, and I have lived in DREAD of forgetting to confirm. Now it had happened.
So I quickly reserved the car I was stood by, confirmed, and off I went to Mérignac.

The church meets in a hotel right at the side of the rocade, just 10 minutes down the road from where we live. As I arrived Zach was folding tables and setting chairs in rows. A few people arrived as I did, so we lent a hand. When all was ready we were 12, all the missionaries were away, families were away, but we had music accompaniment of guitar, cello and flute, Pierre led the service and Nathanaël preached helpfully from Psalm 130.

Pat, Gwilym and Catrin meanwhile went to Cenon where the service was to be followed by a meal together then a meeting to discuss the musical accompaniment in the church. Unfortunately Pat and the kids had to leave the meeting early and were brought home by Harriëtte.

Sunday evening we were a nice gang of just under 20, with Judges 1 - does God have the right to judge, my place in God's story, and so on... Vegetable lasagna afterwards. And a bit of a post-mortem on the afternoon meeting.


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