Book review - Preaching ? Simple teaching on simply preaching. by Alec Motyer

Quite simply, this is a great book, even a wonderful book. Somehow in very few pages Motyer manages to provide instructions and examples on understanding the text, organizing ones thoughts, presentation, the preacher's devotional life, pastoral care, prayer - it is not easy to think of an area of preaching that he does not address.

Of course, it's a short book, so you won't find a seminary level course on hermeneutics, exegesis, homiletics, historical theology of preaching or whatever. But I dare to think that the seminary that set this book at the beginning or at the end of its pastoral training would be doing something very useful indeed.

Why is the book so good ? Motyer writes with humility. Hurrah ! At last a book written by an acknowledged expert who does not proclaim himself an acknowledged expert ! He confesses his struggles. He does not parade his great learning - after all this is the author of the magisterial commentary on Isaiah. He writes with humour. Sometimes the book is downright funny. He writes with honesty. He addresses issues that are sometimes painful to face. He writes with faithfulness. Hurrah ! At last a man who has nothing to give except the Bible ! And he writes with lots of useful nourishment. The book closes, rather strangely, with some devotionals taken from various places in the Scripture.

Buy the book. Read the book. It's not expensive and for the good it will do you it's very good value indeed. And soon you'll preach a really helpful sermon on Mary Magdalene sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Five stars. If I could I'd give it six!

I received the book free of charge in Kindle format in exchange for reviewing the book. I was not required to write a positive review.


Gary Brady said…
Thanks for this Alan I'm planning to read this with some men in the church next term.

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