Café crawl

On Thursday we went to check out a restaurant run by some friends of ours - he's French but he's worked in China and she is Chinese. The restaurant is kind of Asian-French-Fusion. It was also a kind of postponed birthday lunch for Pat. So we went off and found Dan, (the restaurant's name).

The meal was exquisite, the restaurant pretty and intimate, the staff small, our friends were manning the kitchen and quickly realized we were there, it was a super time. No coffee, thanks.

Afterwards we had a rendez-vous with visiting dignitaries from one of the UK missions, so we hastened off to the cathedral where we'd said we'd meet them at the base of the bell tower. A happy hour of discussion ensued at the Cheverus, the café where I used to do the advanced English conversation. They had another rendez-vous at 15:30, so we delivered them back to the bell-tower, then Pat and I separated. Hot Chocolate.

I had half an hour to get to Les Mots Bleus, so I dawdled via Mollat, the big bookshop, then panicked when I got a text message saying my student friend was already at les Mots Bleus. We spent a happy couple of hours talking about courtship, engagement, marriage, studies, work and future ministry possibilities, then we parted and I sauntered off to my last café rendez-vous. Coffee.

At Flunch, where this time I didn't get a drink, but my student friend was eating burger and chips, so I thought I could get away with having nothing. We talked, read and prayed together, then it was time for him to go off and teach English and for me to miss my first bus, catch my second and run the gauntlet of excited and well-watered Frankfurt football fans, all wearing orange.



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