Prayer time at the Maison de la Bible

Tuesday is Pat's day at the Maison de la Bible. She wanted to be home waiting when Catrin got back from her Bac blanc (mock A level) Science exam so she asked me to take over from about 4. Always keen to get into the city centre, I went in after lunch and explored a little before hieing me to the bookshop and sending Pat on her way.

Catrin's science exam went OK. She said "They must think we're really stupid, the exam was easy."

Meanwhile at the bookshop the supporters and volunteers were gathering for the monthly prayer meeting. To be honest with you I was a bit of a spare part. I held the stepladder for Joel, advised a lady who wanted an ESV, helped select books for the book table at the second-hand fair, etc... Then it was prayer meeting time. Every group has it's own prayer meeting habits. I remember the encouraging grunts of South East England, for example. In the MB prayer meeting one mistunes quietly to the others pray then all give a hearty "Amen" afterwards as one man.

Home via Auchan for the things we can"t get when we shop online. I headed for the self-scan machines. My peppers wouldn't scan. I left them there impatiently.


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