Daveys reunited

So after a rough and unpleasant flight, Catrin landed on time at Mérignac to be greeted by her waiting and doting parents. Our girl is back.

Pat had come home from her music training week with an upset tummy - was it Friday's smoked salmon ? Anyway, it meant she could meet Catrin.

Gwilym, after the final session of music training week, had a youth group meeting, so he didn't get home till after 10, by which tile almost all of us were tucked up nicely in bed !

Sunday morning found Pat still feeling rough, two kids exhausted and me struggling with my sinuses, so we stayed home and brunched on pancakes.

Sunday evening's English service we were fewer in number than usual - holiday travelling and the onset of term time, perhaps.

But the theme was good. The Tabernacle - God with us !

An early night for our two offspring, then Gwilym was up at 6 to leave the house at 7 for school.

Catrin got a text message saying her 9am class was cancelled, so she had an hour's extra grace and will leave the house at about 9.

Meanwhile we have wind, rain and two unpleasant drips just where the large sofa sits, often with Pat on it !

Oh well, holidays are over !


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