A happy Sunday with a happy English Service

Faced with inclement weather we decided to take the easy option and attend the Pessac Baptist Church. It's a traditional, conservative church led by a missionary couple, the Bixbys. The message was focused on James 2:21.

After church we went home and Pat got lunch ready for the return of the kids from the ADD in Lormont. Then a quiet afternoon before getting the place ready for the English Service.

This means :

Clearing the decks - airer must be put away as well as all extraneous papers etc.
Huge plastic table brought in and put end to end with our family table.
Bring in the chairs and sort out the lighting.
Printing out any extra songs we plan to sing that are not in our Christian Hymns books.

We were 23, including our visiting preacher and our visiting preacher's wife. The message was from Joshua 1, and addressed the question of God's will for us, God's promises for us, and so on.

Afterwards Leek and Potato soup and rolls, followed by a "fusion" Asian/English bread and butter pudding with vanilla crème anglaise.


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