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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The iPhone 6

As a recently enlisted Macintosh user I was interested to see what the iPhone 6 would be like when it was announced on Tuesday.

I use my phone for reading and for various other purposes, so I like a big screen, so I have a large Samsung Android phone. However the attraction of easy linking between my laptop and my phone is considerable, and Apple's meticulous design and tight control of their devices mean that everything generally just works.

Not only that but the iPhone is so beautifully made. In a meeting the other day I was playing with someone's iPhone 5. It was so nice, it reminds me of a well-made flute or a good fountain pen.

However my current phone already has all the functions that the iPhone 6 plus offers, with a larger screen, but at a greatly reduced price.

It's the old Apple thing: their products are great but the price is very high.

I had an iPhone years ago, a 3GS that I got when Orange France did some crazy offer just before Christmas where effectively I got the iPhone free. Maybe some deal like that will come up. Otherwise, for the moment, this Apple fanboy will be sticking with Android.

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