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Monday, September 01, 2014

Recording the messages

For some time I have been thinking that it would be good to record the messages.
Various things have stopped me :

1) the nature of our service.

We're a small group and so when I speak I speak in a conversational tone and not very loudly.
(Just the kind of level that works for radio, however. Radio doesn't adapt to people declaiming.)

2) bilingual.

We do English/French. While this is OK when people can see you, would it work for listening?

3) Where to store the recordings?

Online storage can cost a lot and we don't pay for our website or anything like that.

4) What about all the hassle involved in loading up the files etc?

Wouldn't we need a (shudder) webmaster?

Well I think Dropbox may have just answered questions 3 and 4.

I currently have a free Dropbox account which, by a combination of factors, gives me 55.4GB of space. I find it very useful for storing anything I might need to access from anywhere, especially now my pc has a very small hard disk. 55GB is quite a lot, and I could store several weeks of messages on there.

BUT Dropbox has now announced a plan where you can have 1TB of storage for 10€ a month.

That would be plenty of storage for all the family for quite a long time, plus storage for message files.
And all you'd have to do to put them in a blog, on Facebook, in a website, is put in a link to the audio file, something that's very easy to do in Dropbox.

I'm cogitating...

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