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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fizzy water

Wow, it's hot. No, I mean like REALLY hot! And I was signed up to go and see a demonstration where three webmasters build a website from scratch using three competing website building tools; Wordpress, Joomla and Duplo.

Well, OK, it wasn't Duplo, but I can't remember the real name of the last one.

I had a bottle of water with me, the demonstration started at 2 in what for me has to be one of the coolest places in Bordeaux that I had been dying to see, The Node, a kind of open-plan office where webmasters and others can work, just round the corner from the restaurant where we meet.
So I drank my water.

After the demonstration, which was very fun because the three webmasters were really genial people, enthusiastic about their preferred CMS, and about teasing each other, and because the Node is even cooler than I thought, I had a couple of hours to kill before my meet up with the two Chinese boys, so I found a place with free wifi and installed myself to deal with some emails I had to send. Then came my meet up with the Chinese lads. Then some shopping for fruit and veg at Auchan.
By this time I had built up a MAJOR THIRST.

Now Auchan has a little spot near the door called the "Snacking area" where you can buy sandwiches, yoghurts and sugary drinks. They also have some bottled water there, at 90c for 500ml.
90c! If I trotted down the road to U I could get a bottle for 30c. You can get an espresso coffee for 10c more. NEVER, I'd rather die of thirst. I'd rather go to the back of the store where the "Waters of the World" section is to be found and get something much cheaper.

This is how after teaching a cute little Arab girl to say "to - mate" and fighting off her auntie and grandmother to get some of the remaining tomatoes, and laden with the cutest little bananas you ever did see as well as a slightly dodgy looking iceberg lettuce and four (4) cucumbers, I found myself next to the fizzy waters, running out of patience and time.

To run out of patience is one thing. To run out of time, worse. To run out of patience and time is grave.

Minty Perrier. 70c, I'll try it. Menthe verte. Sounds kind of cool and sophisticated next to the agrumes and fraise. Yes. That's the bottle for me! And it was. So cool and ... minty as I guzzled it at the bus stop.

Later, on the bus 4, as we rattled over the cobblestones at Place de la République and lurched up and down the cliff-faces that have been installed as traffic calming by the second-hand bookshop at Monteil, I wondered why M. Perrier had had the idea of drinking fizzy water in the first place.

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