Well things are improving

It's been a busy few days, but things are settling down.

Yesterday was the craziest, with everything listed and planned with military precision - well apart from  me getting off the bus one stop too early... But I managed to do everything I had to do and be everywhere I had to be and see everyone I had to see.

Meanwhile Gwilym had come home from school with 'flu, and Catrin was staying home because it was the Père Cent - the day when lycéens in their final year seek out other lycéens to pelt with flour, eggs, ketchup and all manner of goodies.

 Here are some of the lycéens at Place de la Victoire, little scamps !

By the way, here is a photo of the path through our park - I took the right hand fork.

Today we took Catrin to the airport, she's flown off on her school trip, and then went to Martignas to attend Brittni's wedding to Tom. They're both very tall, but this photo does have a certain effect of perspective, too.

Then home to see how our 'flu-ridden lad is doing. He's OK. Limp and wan, but OK.


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