Maison de la Bible, Dan, etc.

This morning I was on duty at Maison de la Bible. I stared blankly at the computer screen and slowly remembered how to check the cash in the till against the accounts system. All OK. Here we go.

Despite the foul weather, we had a couple of clients, one of whom bought a 83€ Bible dictionary. He had a choice of two, the other was 108€ ! For one book !

My relay arrived late after some bus trouble, then I scuttled off to see our friends in Dan, the restaurant down near Place Saint-Pierre. Then to Auchan for provisions for tomorrow night, then home.

At the tram stop near Dan I noticed a tall guy with a very crazy coloured wooly hat, like no Frenchman would ever wear, walking with another guy. They were speaking German together. Later I saw them again in Auchan. Then they were at the next till to mine, speaking in English with the cashier. Then I saw them looking kind of lost in the middle of the mall.

"Are you lost?"

"No, we're not lost, exactly..."


"Yes, we're confused! Maybe you can help us. What mobile phone network would you recommend ?"

"You're new to Bordeaux ?"


"And you don't speak French yet?"


OK, I told them about the mobile phone networks and sent them off to the shop that would give them, I think, the best deal. Maybe we'll bump into each other again. After all, our paths were sure parallel today!


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