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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A bit about daily readings A. Repeated readings of Philippians

I usually push one of the "Whole Bible in a year" plans, like the One Year Bible (my favourite) or the McCheyne plan (the grown-ups' favourite) or similar.

But sometimes I feel that I just read to get the reading done and that I need to read differently, more slowly, and with more reflection.

So this year in January I read and re-read Philippians in various translations.

It's very easy to do if you have one of these kindle gizmos. This is what you do :

1) Install the "Send to Kindle" extension in Chrome browser

2) Using the Chrome browser, in Biblegateway.com, search for the whole of Philippians in the translation of your choice.

3) Print it. Here you can opt to have or not have verse numbers, footnotes, etc...

4) Don't ACTUALLY print it to your printer. Instead click on the "Send to Kindle" button.

It churns away for a while, then happily sends the whole of Philippians in that translation to your device.

Cracking !

What came across to me particularly strongly was Paul's focus on the proclamation of the gospel, his joy to see the gospel spread, and then the way he had learned to be content in every situation - even in prison.

It set me thinking about how God teaches us to be able to do all things through Christ.
Not, I think, by a video course or from a book.
It's in the school of years of Christian experience.

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