Deputy Director William Brown

Yesterday we had a visit from the Deputy Director of UFM, William Brown.

I was originally meant to meet him from the airport on Tuesday afternoon but I was, as we say, glued to the bed, so Tim went and fetched him and then yesterday popped him on the number 4 bus to Alouette.

We talked, we ate lunch, then we went into town to visit the Ivorian consulate to get an entry visa for William to visit folks there.

The lady at the Ivorian consulate was just simply wonderful. Efficient, polite, straightforward, one of the best. Very, very helpful. Bravo!

Then we walked and talked, drank coffee, walked some more, visited the Christian bookshop, visited the café where the Café Philo takes place, and talked some more.

At about 5 William hit the Rue Judaïque heading for the Mitchellhaüs while I hopped on the number 4 bus, aching but happy to have been out of the house and breathing the sweet, fuggy, smuggy Bordeaux air.


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