Catrin is back !

Hurrah !

I watched her flight number from Gattewhycke and saw that it was delayed 40 minutes.
So we hung on a little before scurrying off to get the car from Pessac Centre.

We narrowly missed one bus and waited a couple minutes for the next.
Arrived at the car. My card wouldn't open it !
It showed the hour-glass, usually a sign that you have not booked it.
But I knew I had booked it. I tried the card again. Insistently.
This time it opened.

We piled in. Get the key from the machine.
"EMERGENCY CODE" said the machine.
Uh ?

I phoned the Autocool number.
"Please phone the central control number."
I phoned the central control number.

"Can you lock the car by passing your card across the reader again."
We all got out. I locked the car.
"Where are you?"
"Outside the car".
"OK. Try again."
I tried again. We all got in. This time it worked.


The rocade was moving, but doing that concertina thing where one minute you're doing 90, the next 2.
As we left the rocade Pat's phone rang.
"You haven't forgotten me?"

The Catrin had landed and the recovery team were on their way!


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