A medical afternoon

First Catrin to the ophthalmologist. In France to get your eyes tested you go to the ophtalmo, and you go only if there's a problem. Catrin has slightly blurred distance vision.

The ophthalmo tested her eyes then said that she has a slight astigmatism, and for that she has a prescription for corrective glasses, but that a bigger problem is her habit of holding things too close to her eyes when she reads. If she kept things at arms length to read them then her eyes would have less trouble adjusting to see at a distance and they would overcome the astigmatism more easily.

So today we hope to go to the optician, choose frames and order glasses.

Then on the way home we passed Pat on the way to her doctor's appointment so Catrin continued home and I went to the doctor's with Pat. Her appointment was for 17:30. 17:30 came and went. Eventually the doctor appeared and called in the person who had a 17:00 appointment. OK. He was running over an hour late. I had a little nap.

Anyway Pat's turn came and he examined her back, made her bend over forwards, backwards, sideways, stand on tiptoe, stand on her heels, he stood on her toes, then he bent her leg up one side then the other side.

Rest, painkillers, gentle exercise. Another MRI is not worth doing and phsyio etc. probably won't help much either.

So there we are.


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