Man proposes...

So we got ourselves all ready for the arrival of Pete and James (he's very sporty) and watched the reports of the floods on the right bank - ah, also on the left bank.

Pete and James texted to say they were delayed picking up their rental car.

Pat yelled from the kitchen - a stoop in the wrong direction and - shooting pain in her back, and spasms.

We put her on the floor, covered her with the duvet, fed her chocolate (she was shivering violently) and called the doctor. SOS Médecin.

Pete and James arrived. "Have you met Patricia ?" She smiled wanly from her nest on the floor.

Pete went off to meet up with the Brit-Mitchells.

The doctor came, a very pleasant man who's having terrible trouble with his knees.

An injection. Some antiinflammatories. Some patches. etc.

After about 1/2 hour Pat felt well enough to make it to the bedroom and climb on the bed.

Patches and pills, and she's able to get up to use the toilet (merci Seigneur!).

I was able to go, though somewhat late, to the Chinese Christian Group's New Year knees-up.

A report on that will follow.


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