This week (and looking ahead)

This week is another crazy week. Here's what's on the agenda :

Tues : prayer meeting.
Wed : conseil presbytéral then Passerelles Bible Study
Thur : English class
Fri : FAC Lunchtime Bible Study and Bordeaux South Home Group
Sat : Chinese Service
Sun : French Service, English Service.

So preparation has to be EFFICIENT. For me that means getting the passages read today and stewing away in my little heart. I generally print them out on sheets of A4, too, so I can stare at them blankly in the tram.

I am also starting to prepare seriously for three messages I have to give at a conference the week after Easter. I'm going to be surrounded by preachers from whose wellingtons I am not worthy to lick the mud. I am standing in for somone of the same stature. However I also know that they are not worthy to lick the mud from my wellingtons, either, but I still want to be well prepared and not leave everything till last minute as usual.

p.s. in industry there is a special term used for 'last minute'. They call it "Just in Time" and it is seen as a Good Thing.


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