Bomb scare in Bordeaux ?

Last night after the English class I walked to the tram with my Moroccan muslim friend. We heard the tram arriving but when we got to the tram stop it was clear that something was up.
A police car was parked diagonally across the crossroads.
Police officers were moving crowd control barriers to block access to the cross roads.
A policeman came up and told us that the tram stop would not be in action for some time.

We got off the tram stop and started to walk up to the next, but a policeman directed us away from the crossroads down a side street, from where we could turn and get to the next stop.

As we went down I overheard one policeman say " un ...... suspect"...package ? car ? I wasn't sure...

Anyway we got to the next tram stop, a tram arrived and off we went.

France is on high alert after the events in Toulouse. It's very sad in such a quiet and peaceful city as this.


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