A stressful Saturday !

Well it's been a hassle today ! We delivered Catrin and Pat to the church at (just after) 10:30 for the kids' club (which went very well). For some reason the ring road was suddenly completely clogged, we saw two firemen's vehicles go by and a police car, then all of a sudden everything flowed again and there was no accident, no nothing. If it wasn't such a frequent event we'd think it weird.

Then Gwilym to the barbers. I was scheduled to take some folk from Pessac to Bordeaux at just before 1, so plenty of time, we arrived at the barbers' at 11. You'll have a 20 minute wait, he said. OK; No problem. I went to find some paper Catrin needs for school and failed. Got back to the barber, Gwilym was just having his hair washed. The barber was very nice, very chatty. So chatty, in fact, that the cut took 2 hours.


T W O   H O U R S !!!

By the time he'd finished the hair had started growing back !

I phoned my folk and told them I was on my way, but they said I'd arrive too late and they'd have to make other arrangements.

Oh well - home for lunch, then Gwilym went off to town to try to sort out his next batch of work experience, and I got down to work and to do some trombone practice.


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