A nice restful weekend, but still tiring !

This Sunday Andrew Lytle from the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Nantes came down to preach for us. It's his third visit to the church. The first time he came and stayed while on a fact-finding tour of France before moving out here. The second time was to see the student work in more detail, and this time was to preach. It was great to have him. AM he was in Mark 8 and the evening Isaiah 6. I led the service both times, reading Psalm 16 which tied in very well with Mark 8.

At present Pat is still unwell so it meant that all the preparation of the church fell to me, and although I'd already washed the church floor on Friday (don't ask) it was covered with muddy footprints again, so I set to to wash it again. This was when my new hero Pierre showed up really early and took over the floor from me so I could sort out the wiring of the amplifier and radio mike and so on. We were a good crowd on Sunday morning with a couple of visitors passing through.

In the evening I asked one of the English church regulars a couple of questions. I've been thinking for a while that I need to do some kind of questionnaire to try to find out what role the English service is playing and what changes we could make to make things more effective. Most of our folk are students, and almost all are only in Bordeaux for a year, so we have very little time to do something that makes a difference. If anything is to be changed next September then I have to start thinking about it now so things can dovetail with the other things going on (French church and student work).

Next weekend I am preaching in Anglade. The folk there need some encouragement. We all need encouragement, don't we !


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