A full day off

starts with seeing Gwilym away to school, then having a leisurely breakfast before taking Catrin to school.

Pat had a doctor's appointment, so we walked slowly round to the surgery and waited a very long time. The doctor talked us through things, then referred Pat for physiotherapy. We then walked slowly back and I scuttled off to get Catrin for lunch while Pat got lunch ready.

After lunch, Catrin back to school then I had to give some documents to a chap at Saige and hand back a book for Pat so I drove down to the social centre and waited for people to arrive. The sun was shining and the car was warm, and you know how it is.

Anyway they all sneaked past me while I was asleep, but thankfully I woke in time to catch people in the entrance of the place, hand over the goods then drive home. Washing on the line, then off to trombone lesson.

I am going for contre-ut (C above middle C) by June. If I achieve this then most of the classical trombone repertoire is at least within my range, including my current project - Eric Cook's Bolivar. Emmanuel says contre-ré (D above middle C) in six weeks. We'll see. I also have to master reading in tenor clef, but I think that's just a question of forcing yourself for a while...

Then got diesel (70€ to fill the tank today, when we arrived in France it was 40€ for a tankful) , got Catrin, cooked tea and took her off to her solfège class. While she was singing Clapton numbers with her theory of music class I was busy reading and greeting old friends from the music school (where I hardly ever go now, except for committee meetings !). Then home.

Now everyone's gone to bed and I am watching a DVD of Mnozil. Nutters !

Hot chocolate or medicinal red wine before bed ? I ought to have the wine but I do fancy a hot chocolate !


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