Some sad news

Two students have disappeared this year.

The first on a VERY cold night in January came out of a night club with his friend. His friend was later found wandering disoriented and in a sorry state on the railway line near Bègles. He was not found.

The second disappeared in March in similar circumstances.

Yesterday a canoeist found a body floating in the Garonne and pulled it upstream to Bordeaux where the police could recover it. Today a second body has been found in the river. One body has been identified as one of the missing students.

Terrible rumours have been going around of people being kidnapped so their organs could be harvested...

The more likely explanation has always been of simply falling in the great, big, deep, wide, tidal river.

So sad.


Alan said…
The second body is not the other missing student. It is an older man, probably a man who was seen jumping off the Aquitaine suspension bridge.

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