This is crazy Wednesday week, so here's what to pray for :

Today is calm : just lots of documents to read and reflect on, then prayer meeting tonight.

Tomorrow : Passerelle preparation in the morning. Church council afternoon. Passerelle in the evening.

Thursday : calm : Just English class in the evening, and preparation for it during the day.

Friday : the weekend is in view. Sort out Sunday properly.

Saturday afternoon - Easter Kidz Klub at the church. I'm not involved but Pat and the kids are.

We also have a Family Need - Catrin is hoping to get into Lycée François Magendie in the American section. We have to submit her dossier by Friday. To do this we need her school report for the second trimestre. Please pray it arrives soon. Also there's an entrance exam, two 250 word essays in English. I don't think this will be a huge problem, except that the exam is on 2 May when she is due to be on a school trip to Toulouse. Pray that they'll accept that she sits the exam on another day.

Stuffed in here and there, sermon prep for the Colloque. I preach evening of 10th, 11th and 12th April.
I know where I am going with the messages now, please pray for clarity and organisation of thought !


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