Summer plans

We're trying to sort out our summer. We're due to come to the UK this summer and one of the things we hope to do is to attend the Aber Conference.

Anyway over the past week, fruit of discussion and reflection and lots of messages, there's the plan :

1) Get the clutch properly sorted out - somehow - so we can come back to UK un the car.

2) House-swap with a family who live near Aberystwyth. This means we can go to the conference and be near the kids' camps.

3) Also UFM FamConf. This will be good to see folk in the mission again. It's four years since we were last there.

It does mean that we're a long way from our family, but since they live all over the place anyway (South Wales, Home Counties, Shropshire) being near them is a bit of an unattainable goal !


Emmanuel said…
Might see you at family conference then. We'"ll be in the UK for the whole month of July and plan to finish our time with Family conference.

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