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Monday, July 04, 2016

Whenever people leave other people come and take their place!

So the students are disappearing one after the other. Our service was going to be much quieter. Then four French folk came in, two spoke English pretty well, two not much really. So I preached bilingually, see-sawing back and fore from English to French and back. It was hard work last night!

The four come from a good church. It's no problem if they come to visit from time to time but if they show signs of starting to settle then I'll have to phone their pastor and we'll need to talk about it.

Michaël, one of our founder members, said, "It's amazing. Whenever people leave others come and take their place. Do you remember years ago there were times when nobody came to the English Service!"

Yes. It's true.

Afterwards the young things went off to the fan zone to watch France trounce Iceland, while we crawled off home to bed, to sleep, perchance etc...

I woke at 8:41 suddenly, thinking "Oh no! It's a running morning! What's the time?" Too late..

At 10:30 a splendid chap came from Etu'Récup, an association based on the university campus that takes old stuff, repairs it and finds a new home for it. The idea started from seeing piles of serviceable items stacked on the pavement outside student flats and halls of residence after students had vacated their rooms at the end of the year. Why not collect these things, repair where needed and pass them on cheaply to the students who follow? So it started, and now they also have workshops where they'll teach you to repair your bike, your clothes or your small electrical stuff. It was good to pass on our old sofa to them. It'll find a good home somewhere.

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