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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Plan Dentry *

Speaking with our neighbour, Monique, yesterday evening - she came round to bring us some of her mother's famous bottled mushrooms - we got onto this dreaded French exam. I explained that I am rusty with writing and as we chatted about it I realised that one of my danger areas is conjugation.

Frankly, for the subjunctive, which is useful in the construction "I'll have to ..." sometimes I hear what I say and I realise that I'm just making it up.

"Well I do the same", she said.

It's probably true. Some of the more dodgy conjugations, like saying, "I have to receive them by Thursday", for example, well you just take a stab... il faut que je les reçoive? reçoite? reçoise? and rely on people's aural editor to change it into the appropriate form somewhere between the lug and the noggin. Or you avoid the problem by using a different construction, like je dois les recevoir...

Anyway, all this to say that I found a splendid couple of conjugation apps, so I can at least revise the wretched things.

* Dentry is the plan for the Daveys to acquire French nationality.

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