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Friday, July 22, 2016


Well I got the tram to the DEFLE and arrived on the dot of 8:30, just in time to hear my name called. I was first in for the oral examination. Good!

So into a little room. Check convocation and passport. Choose two from these piles of paper. Look at them. Now choose one of them.

I had a choice between an article about how hard it is to get your kids to eat 5 fruit and veg a day, and an article about the image of women in the media. I chose the latter.

You have 30 minutes to prepare. Then you must come in, summarise the article and give your point of view. Then I'll ask you a few questions.

That all went OK, and the lady afterwards said, "Well that went OK. Why do you need the exam? If your written French is OK I don't think you'll have a big problem."

So then home to await the afternoon tests.

1:15 found me sat in a big circle of stress with lots of youngsters who were hoping to get into university to study in Bordeaux. At 1:30 we were called down to check our id, check our convocations and give us a numbered seat to sit in in the DEFLE amphitheatre. Vivid memories of Mme. Choussat's Civilisation Sessions and Mme. Casseville's Grammar Workouts came flooding back.

First test - aural comprehension. Two reports from the radio were played. The first was played twice and you had 11 questions to answer. The second was played once, and there were 10 questions to answer. Some of these were a little tough.

Then written comprehension. Two texts, one about the popularity of do-it-yourself, gardening and handicrafts, and the second was about the increased attendance at cinemas in France and the rôle of school cinema trips in that. That was all OK.

Then the writing test. You had to write a letter to the person who managed your accommodation complaining about a neighbour, their noise, smells, etc. So I complained to the managers of a tower block of flats about the neighbour above us who was keeping a cow in his flat, and passing it off as a large dog.

There we are. The die is cast. Results in 15 days.

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