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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Alors, tu cours à jeune?

"Are you still running?" asked my elderly doctor friend.

"Yes, about half an hour two or three times a week."

"So how far does that make?"

"Oh look, I don't run fast, and the goal isn't distance, it's time."

"So when do you go?"

"First thing in the morning, before breakfast."

"Ah, so you run on an empty stomach. Maybe if you ate something before you go you'd find you run faster."

So this morning found me rummaging in the freezer in the dark looking for the loaf of bread so I could defrost a slice, spread it with some kind of goo and then get off running.

I'll find out later if it made me run faster, though the new version of Map my Run tells me that my top speed is about 12km/hour - that's not allowing for stopping to take photos of the sunrise or to allow the bus company to get all their buses in a row

(I am often passed by buses bearing the legend "MISE EN LIGNE" which being interpreted means "getting in a row".)

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