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Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Colloqve Bibliqve Francophone

takes place at the end of March. For some years I haven't been able to go because I was in the UK visiting churches in the UK. This year, though, I have been determined to do these visits in early June so I can go to the colloqve.

Next problem, how to get there at reasonable cost. The colloqve itself costs in the order of 200 euros. It's held in Lyon and getting to Lyon could easily add at least another 100.

The train, for example, would cost 200 euros and each journey takes 7 hours.

Easyjet flies from Bordeaux to Lyon, but at 7am and there is no way that I know of getting to the airport for 6am to catch the flight. Not only that, but Lyon airport is quite a long way out of the city and there's a kind of train/tram shuttle that costs quite a lot.

Now the coach company that took us to Saint Sebastien runs to Lyon, but until recently they had no journeys after March, so I could go with them but not return.

Anyway, I dialled and dallied till the last day for booking, then booked the colloqve and then looked at the coach company website. Hurrah! There's a coach journey back shown at last, and the whole return trip, at a comparable time to the train's, costs 50€.

That's MUCH better.

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