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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Rain, rain go away

It has now rained continually for several months and the lawn on the far end of the building from us has become a permapuddle or a minilake. "I've measured it from side to side, 'tis twenty feet long and eight feet wide", to quote the immortal bard.

As soon as anti-mosquito gadgets appear in the shops we must stock up because this place will become an infested swamp as soon as it warms up. We'll need to work out what to do on the patio, as well, or we'll end up like the good people of the west coast of Scotland, with lovely gardens and beautiful patios but confined to barracks by the airborne terror.

I'm hoping the folk come soon to cut the lawns because I want to know if they plan to cut ours as well. If they do, all well and good. If not then we need to buy a small lawnmower! But I guess they won't cut the lawns till there's at least a break in the rain, and I'm very interested to know what they will do with lake koralli. I'd plant waterlilies and bulrushes and make a feature of it.

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