Yesterday afternoon in Bordeaux

Pat has had her X-ray. She has a heel spur - a small bony spur that is growing forward from her heel bone in the middle of the tendon that forms the sole of her foot. Uncomfortable. While she awaited the results of her thyroid blood test she was confined to barracks.

Meanwhile I was getting itchy to get out of that house, and I had a list of things to do that was not getting done, so I made my way into Bordeaux to do them!

First off I wanted to check out VerdeNero - the café where the student outreach had the café philo last Wednesday. It is just round the corner from Decathlon, and a fine place, too.

Just down the road from VerdeNero is a small music shop where I accomplished another of my errands - to get a set of guitar strings for Gwilym. He's been waiting a couple of weeks for them.

Then I noticed that the Dominican church was open and popped in for a quick inspection. They have Paul Agnew, singing there this Saturday. Just 30€ a ticket. So thankful for YouTube! The church is pretty ornate, as you can see. I picked up leaflets for various other things happening hither and yon.

Then off for my next errand - to Books and Coffee to buy some coffee and to donate some books. 

Then hop on tram C to Place Paul Dourmer to check out Paul's Place in the Chartrons. Again I've been meaning to check this place out for some weeks. Paul is a friendly, softly-spoken guy and I hope to take the family down there soon.

While drinking my coffee in Paul's Place I saw the message telling me that I'd won the seats for Tosca, so after some quick consultation with the powers that be we decided that I would meet Catrin from school, take her to Flunch for a slap-up snack, then go see the lady jump. Catrin was unwell, however, so after seeing her safely onto the Pessac bus I ate alone with the other solitary guys, then went and sat next to another married guy at the opera without his wife and enjoyed the show.

Got home with almost all my missions accomplished! And having seen slaughter in song on a hitherto unimagined scale! What a day!


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