Some more serious blog posts brewing

but they'll have to wait till after the school holidays, I think...

1) My biggest hesitation about infant baptism...

I read something today that reminded me about my BIGGEST hesitation about infant baptism. A Scottish worthy compared baptism to God's engagement ring, and remarked on how often a girl looks at her ring.

That's my BIGGEST hesitation. You can't see an infant baptism. It leaves no mark. A child can't look at it. Jewish boys could see that they had been circumcised, but you can't exhort anyone to remember their baptism if it was done when they were George's age.

God's engagement ring it ain't. Or at least I can"t see it. Nobody can...

2) Is there such a thing as evangelical, is there such a thing as reformed ?

We live in stormy times. On the one hand serious folk in France try to avoid the word evangelical because of the connotations of extreme charismatic frenzies on the one hand and the perception of it being an american import on the other. The evangelical world is in chaos.

Meanwhile transatlantic worthies stress the need to be confessional, by which they seem to be stressing the need to clump with folk who adhere to YOUR confession. Baptists are obviously not reformed, by definition. Nobody can be who is not either OPC, RPCNA or PCA, and we're not so sure about the PCA. Evangelical is meaningless.

So is there still such a thing as evangelical ? Is there such a thing as reformed ? And if so, what could it mean ?

Coming soon... Well, fairly soon...


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