An unusual Sunday

The kids were somewhat laid low after the events of Saturday and Pat has a problem with her foot, so we spent a quiet morning at home and listened to Arturo Azurdia 3rd on Revelation 5.

In the evening we were fewer in number than usual - generally when there's a service at Blaye we would cancel the English Service altogether ! - but it was a good and happy time with a new guy there for the first time and a veteran of two years ago returned to Bordeaux.

In talking about the Passover and about the plagues on Egypt I was struck by God's restraint. Nowadays to liberate a nation from slavery we'd launch a six-week campaign of smart bombs, of shock and awe, to effect regime change, perhaps sending in ground troops once the dust had settled. Instead God escalated to the Passover judgement against a nation and regime that had a policy of genocide by infanticide.

Anyway. Today I was due to meet someone to be a witness at the Town Hall in Bordeaux, but I have been pacing, fretful and nasty this morning so I am breathing deeply and going soon to see my friends, the trees !


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