Training day at the Maison de la Bible - tough day for Catrin

Yesterday was a training day at the Maison de la Bible to show the intricacies of the till system, which was modelled on the complications of the decorations found in the palaces of the byzantine emperors. We were safely guided through the maze by a charming colleague from Paris and the day started with lunch at the Cheverus - Poulet basquaise and gratin dauphinois with a crepe for pudding.

Meanwhile Catrin was having her first day back at school after a nasty cold / cough. She started with sport - badminton - then lunchtime then hard classes for the afternoon. On the way from sport to school she checked the time on her mobile phone. I say her mobile phone, but she had borrowed my lovely old Galaxy Note, which was running fine and giving her great joy, despite its somewhat disappointing battery life. Anyway, when she got to her classes the phone was not in her pocket.

Lost ? Stolen ? Who can say.

I went into the Free offices to report the loss of her phone. They have this system where you take a numbered ticket. I was 250. The screen said they were on 228.

I waited. Several numbers made no response. Then the screen lurched from 242 to 250. I leapt to my feet. "Oops", said the store comedian, "we pressed the wrong button." He went round calling out 243, 244, 245, 246 - nobody... 248 responded. 249,

250. It was my turn. I got the store comedian.

"My daughter has lost her phone."

"Where is your daughter ?"

"Um, in Bordeaux."

"So why isn't she with you ?"

"She's at lycée"

"Are you sure she's at lycée ?"

"I can't be sure, but she's very sensible and trustworthy. Didn't you always attend when you were at lycée ?"

"Not always. Well usually. OK, thanks. Goodbye."

"Well shouldn't we block the line or something ?"

"Oh, yes. OK. I can order a new sim card which will come in 48 (he held up two fingers) hours. That automatically blocks the line."

"OK. Thanks. Goodbye."


Martin said…
Recently when I lost my (brand new) Note all I had to do was ring EE & they automatically blocked it & gave me a code word to get it unblocked again.

I did find it & while the process to unblock was a little more tedious (EE=Orange+T-Mobile+EE & I went to the wrong one) all was sorted.

OK, so I'd left the phone on the table in another room. Must be my age.

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