Well that was unplanned !

I saw a competition to win two places for Tosca in the UGC Cinema.

Where is Tosca set ?

So I answered the question.

Then this afternoon, while discovering a super little place in the Chartrons called Paul's Place I got an email. "Bravo, you have won two places for Tosca this evening !"

I met Catrin from school but the poor thing was feeling unwell, so we abandoned the idea of going together and I went alone.

Called in at Flunch on the way for some chicken, beans and fruit salad. Then to the cinema.

Well it was splendid.

I mean, if you know the story, you'll know there's not that many laughs.

And most of the characters had a pretty bad evening. Few were left standing at the end, frankly.

But the music was enchanting. Tosca herself was perhaps just a tad old for her leading man - Cassassassadori (or something like that) but he didn't seem to be bothered.

The cinema was mostly occupied by oldies having a wonderful time eating "Petit Ecolier" biscuits.

Splendid. Thanks, Bordeaux 7 !


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