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One of our student friends is not European and needs a titre de séjour (permit) to stay in France and study. This has to be renewed every year and the student has to be quick in filling out the forms, then his university department has to be quick in counter-signing them, then the university has to be quick sending it off to the préfecture, then the préfecture has to be quick in issuing the titre de séjour.

Because all these people are seldom all quick, when your request for a titre de séjour is received they give you an official receipt which works just like a titre de séjour, but which expires after a few months.

As does that of our friend. Newt Thursday. And he wants to visit the UK.

So he needed to chase up his application for a titre de séjour, but he's on work experience away from Bordeaux.

I went to the office. We can't do anything just with his name. We need photocopies of his receipt.

I went back the next day. We'll email the préfecture and phone the student when we know what's happening.

They phoned him. Your university department was not quick enough and there's no way we can get the titre de séjour issued by next week. There's nothing we can do, you cannot go to the UK.

Yesterday he want to the Bordeaux Town Hall to see if they can do anything. He's coming round this morning, so we'll find out.


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