What a clot am I !

So Saturday was going to be rushed, but perfectly possible.

Gwilym's flight was at 3:30 from Gatwick.
He would arrive at 4 at Bordeaux (due to the hour's difference).
The trombone concert was at 6 at the conservatoire.

That would give me time to get Gwilym home, dump him, get the car to the tram stop, hop on the tram and arrive at the conservatoire in time for the concert.

Have you spotted the snag yet ?

The time difference works the other way. Gwilym's flight arrived at 6, not at 4.

Aïe aïe aïe !!!!!

Not only did this make my masterplan impossible, it also meant that the car I'd booked was useless !
I didn't need a car from 15:30 till 17:00. I needed one from 17:30 till 19:00.
And none was available at Pessac !

So Saturday afternoon found me weaving my way to Mérignac to pick up a nice Peugeot 207.
Getting Gwilym, dropping him home and taking the car back were all accomplished within an hour.
Bruce, my American trombone buddy went to the concert alone.

We spent a nice quiet family night in.


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