Bible Study at Blaye and a Fiat 500 TwinAir

Yesterday was the Bible Study at Blaye. To get there I was due to pick up a student on Work Experience from the church and so I reserved a car from Cenon Station. This has the benefit of cutting down the distance we travel in the car to Blaye, though it does mean a bus and tram journey beforehand.

The car turned out to be a rather natty cream Fiat 500 TwinAir. These little things are tiny cars with a classy interior and a new hi-tech twin cylinder engine. People have written about them saying that they're great fun to drive, but rarely achieve the fuel economy that Fiat lead you to expect.

Well we started off and the thing was switched to "Econ", which to me seemed to mean "Threaten to stall". So I filled up with fuel and turned Econ off, and the car was much better ! It doesn't go very fast, but it SOUNDS like it is ! Great fun.

The Bible Study was small but keen, a bit like the Blaye Church itself, and we prayed for the services at Blaye Town Centre and for various folk. Afterwards we hurtled through the vineyards to spend brief visits with two Blaye folk before returning the student to her hosts' home at Cavignac and the car to Cenon station.

One of my tasks this week is to get the sale of our car moving. The end of January brought the decision to sell the car for whatever we can get for it and to use the Autocool car-pool scheme for all journeys where travel by bus and tram is impractical. So far this is working out pretty well. If we find after a while that we really do need a car outside our home available at all times then we may lease a small car, if it turns out to be as cost-effective as it seems.


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