Chez le médecin

(Incidentally, some of the folks down here give it three equal syllables - Mé-de-cin. Lovely.)

Anyway after I'd made another clashing appointment Pat reminded me of my doctor's appointment.

I went in. Did I tell you that our doctor is exactly like Louis de Funès ? Anyway.

"Je vais bien."

"C'est bien."

"Je pars en Afrique."

"Ah non !"

Anyway we proceeded to the negociations and discussions.

Risks of malaria and of dengue fever. (Does one say denngue or dengue - nasal vowel or not)

Cholera. ("It blows in from Mecca..." Ah bon ?)

Eating and drinking. Meningitis. Bananas, Coca-cola. Diarrhoea.

I left with a prescription for a triple vaccine and for anti-diarrhoea pills.


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