Le Pere Cent

So off went Catrin like the proverbial little lamb through the icy North wind to catch the 7am bus to school.

'The teachers have been crafty and scheduled the Bac blanc (mock exams) for today, so maybe that'll work...', she said.

Then at 7:40 an email from the school. Once more the entry to the school was surrounded by a gang of kids wielding flour, eggs, etc. Safety and the good functioning of the school could not be guaranteed and so the school would be closed.

Text messages and phones calls caught our girl too late. A gang of three "Terminale" students had followed her pelting her with flour, eggs and ketchup. She made her mucky way home and got showered and changed.

It's the Pere Cent, one hundred days before the BAC exams, when the final year lycée students run amok, cheeky chumps, pelting the other students with mucky things.

"Last year they had ballons filled with urine", said Catrin, philosphically thinking that she had escaped lightly.


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