Suffering well - the Predictable Surprise of Christian Suffering, by Paul Grimmond

Some books on suffering attempt a theodicy - a defence of God, a vindication of the ways of God with men. This book is aimed somewhat differently. Its goal is to build a theology of suffering from the Bible in order to prepare and equip Christians.

It succeeds well in this. It's a book to make you think about your life, about your witness, about the world and about Christ. Parts are really strong meat. I don't think I know many unbelievers to whom I'd give this book, and I think some Christians I know would struggle with it, too. However for most Christians this book would be very helpful.

There was one section where I wasn't entirely convinced - in the chapter "The surpisingly predictable surprise" where the author attempts to answer the question why the New Testament has no equivalent of the boosk of Job and Ecclesiastes. Alarm bells of continuity and discontinuity issues rang while I read.

The chapter on persecution made some very good points, though the title indicates its character : "Where's the persecution gone ?" Living in France probably has changed my perspective on persecution somewhat.

All in all a very good book. Thought-provoking. Searching. Edifying. A good one ! Buy it here.


Shaun Tabatt said…

Thanks for contributing to the Suffering Well blog tour. If you haven't already, be sure to check out my interview with Paul Grimmond on Author Talks - LINK.

Many thanks for all of your diligence with book reviews. It's truly appreciated!

Shaun Tabatt
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