Why am I so weak in making logical inferences ?

Friend Richard from Paris is in Bordeaux on business and had a free spot last night. Could we meet up ?

The buses were on strike yesterday (la pénibilité de la vie) so I suggested that he come by tram to Pessac Centre and we'd pick him up.

A little while later - the trams were now on strike, too. (1st missed logical inference - if the buses strike the trams usually follow). "I'll come and get you".

Happily zooming down the ring road when - HUGE TAILBACK. (2nd missed logical inference - when the trams and buses are on strike everyone drives into town and the roads get clogged...)

Eventually I arrive at the station and we find each other. We'll go back home and eat and talk.

On the way home we find they had closed the ring road for resurfacing and diverted us down the Toulouse road ! By now I am desparing and ready to strike over the penibility of life...

We get home via Léognan, Villenave d'Ornon, Gradignan, Talence, Bègles and eventually the ring road again.

We eat and talk. Then I deliver a tired-out Richard back to town.


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