Les réseaux sociaux

Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Seminary, is no fool. So when he says that if you are not using the social networks wisely then for the under-30s you don't exist, it's wise to take him seriously. Watch him here and read him here.

That's why I just spent about 1/2 hour starting up a facebook page for the French church. We have a website that we hope will soon be brought up to date. The church council gave me the job of creating the facebook page, and I wanted to get it done before going to the UK soon. That way we can add other administrators and it can be kept basically up to date and become a useful means of folk finding the church and of communication.

FAC, the student outreach, now has a professionally built website. The English Service already has its website - a simple noticeboard made with Blogger, but it works and enables people to find us. There's also a Facebook page for the English Service. The Chinese group are present on the web and on the Chinese Facebook equivalent.

It's work in progress, always.


Emmanuel said…
haven't checked the links yet, but I totally agree. Using social networks is not an option in ministry today.

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